SED - Sanat Eğitimi Dergisi
Cilt 9, Sayı 1  2021/İlkbahar  (ISSN: 2147-8007, E-ISSN: )
Gültekin AKENGİN, İrem Fulya ÖZKAN

NO Makale Adı

Graphic designers are expected to present the message in original and creative forms, along with the healthy transmission of the message in the designs. In this context, designers should understand the demands and demands of the customer and analyze the cultural structure of the determined consumer target group. At the same time, contexts such as design style, aesthetics and media channel should be taken into consideration as well as cultural, economic and political contexts within the scope of all design processes. However, the relationships and interactions between all these factors are expected to be well understood and implemented. In this study, the relationships between the concepts of originality in design processes and their interactions on other branches of art, especially in poster designs prepared for inter-artistic events, are discussed. In the design process, the study examines the factors that influence the roles and duties of designers to ensure this interaction efficiently. In this context, the aim of the study is to reveal a relationship between the demographic contexts of the parties, the design processes, the design itself and how it affects the perception processes of the transmitted message. It is planned to provide resources for new research areas in the context of interactions, graphic design education and creative approaches in post-education professional work.

Keywords: Graphic design, designer, communication, freedom, originality